Bedtime Bra in Nude

Nearly Nude has launched the latest piece in their Collection, the revolutionary Bedtime Bra. Women spend every day trying to support and enhance their cleavage. The Bedtime Bra offers women the same comfort and support while they sleep. Keeping cleavages looking younger! Ideal to wear under your pyjamas or on its own in summer, the Bedtime Bra has special bust support, ultra hold straps and super comfy stomach support. It's also perfect for maternity wear as there are no underwires and it's divinely soft to wear to bed for extra hold. Feel feminine all night long in the Bedtime Bra. Fashion Fix for: keeping your cleavage looking youthful while you sleep! This unique and revolutionary product is available in stores now!

Sizes S/M & M/L : Fits up to a 18DD

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